Progress of housing schemes in Kodagu dist on snail's pace

Of the proposed 12,093 houses, only 5,735 constructed in 3 years

Progress of housing schemes in Kodagu dist on snail's pace

The progress report of the housing schemes in three taluks for the period from 2005-06 to October 2009 has confirmed this point.

In fact, the total target for the three taluks- Madikeri, Somwarpet and Virajpet - has been 12,093 houses, but the achievement so far is 5,735 houses according to the report. As man as 2,058 houses are on construction while the works of 3,996 houses are yet to begin.

Under Grameen Ashraya scheme, the target for 2005-06 in Madikeri taluk was 554 houses, of which 502 houses have been completed. Of the specified 531 houses for 2006-07, a total of 446 have been completed while 85 are on progress.

The target for 2008-09 was 444 houses. A total of 102 houses were construted this year; 149 are on progress. The works of 193 houses are yet to begin. In Madikeri taluk, out of the target of 1529 houses, only 1050 are complete; 286 are on progress, while 193 yet to begin.

In Somwarpet taluk

Of the target of 1272 houses for the year 2005-06 in Somwarpet taluk, 1192 houses have been completed. 80 are on progress. However, of the target of 2419 houses in 2006-07, only 1352 houses have been completed. 647 are on construction. The works of 420 houses are yet to begin.

In 2008-09, instead of the specified target of 1323 houses, only 128 have been completed. The works of 262 houses are on progress while 933 houses are yet to start.

In Virajpet taluk

The Virajpet taluk had a target of constructing 416 houses in 2005-06 under Ashraya scheme, of which the achievement is 391.

In 2006-07, the target was 661 houses, and the achievement is 436. The works of 157 houses are on progress. In 2008-09, of the fixed target of 687, as many as 140 have been completed so far; 225 are on progress; 292 yet to commence.

In the taluk, a total of 1760 houses should be constructed under all schemes in 2008-09, but 967 have been completed. 348 are on progress. 449 yet to start.

In all, the target of Ashraya scheme for the district in these three years was 8307 houses. Of them, 4689 have been achieved, while 1623 are on progress. 1995 houses are yet to be constructed.

Ambedkar scheme

Under  Grameen Ambedkar Scheme, 47 houses should have been constructed in Madikeri taluk in 2007-08 and 2008-09. Of them 25 have been completed; 15 are on progress; 7 yet to begin.

In Somwarpet taluk, of th 121 target, the achievement is 47; 38 are on progress; the works of 36 are yet to start. In Virajpet taluk, of the target of 62 houses, 28 have been constructed; 18 are on progress; 16 are yet to begin.

The district had to get a total of 230 houses under the scheme for the specified period, but the achievement is 100, while 71 are on progress; 59 are yet to start.

Indira Aawaz

Under Indira Aawaz scheme, 19 houses should have been constructed in 2006-07 in Madikeri taluk, but 17 have been completed. The target for the year 2007-08 has been achieved 100 per cent. In 2008-09, of the 179 target, 63 have been completed; 60 are on progress.

In 2009-10, the target is 440, of which 16 are completed. The works of 343 are yet to commence. In Somwarpet taluk, the target for the year 2006-07 is 108 houses, of which 98 have been achieved. In 2007-08, of the 368 houses, 308 have been constructed.

The works of 100 houses are to start.
For the year 2008-09, the target was 1080, while the achievement is 333. As many as 379 are on progress. The target for the current fiscal is 1073, but none have begun.

In Virajpet taluk, the target of 51 houses for the year 2007-08 has been totally achieved. In 2008-09, the target is 89 and the achievement is 49. The target for the current year is 144, and the achievement is 8 houses. The works of 46 are on progress; 90 are yet to commence.

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