This Karnataka boy cultivates veggies to help family

This boy from Karnataka cultivates veggies to help family

By selling the cultivated vegetables, he has been supplementing the income of his family

A class nine student in Keddu in Belthangady has been helping the family by cultivating vegetables during his free time.

Samshuddhin, a class nine student of Government High School in Aladangadi has caught the attention of the people in his surrounding villages by cultivating varieties of banana including Nendran, 'Hoobaale', 'Aavundabare', pumpkin, ash gourd, snake gourd, cucumber, ridge gourd, long yard beans and other vegetables in his back yard. By selling the cultivated vegetables, he has been supplementing the income of his family.

In addition, he has also cultivated 'Jambunerale' lemon, 'chakota' rambutan, Lakshmanaphala, Ramaphala, Guava, sapota along with varieties of flowers of hibiscus, zinnia, roses. Samshuddin has also learnt the art of grafting.

He has also a collection of medicinal plants. He has knowledge of the plants and their uses.

Further, there are a variety of mango trees including Jahangir Mango, Badami, Neelam, Totapuri, Mundappa, Kalappadi on one-acre land owned by the family of Samshuddin.

Samshuddin's grandmother Nebisa, mother Zorabi and sister has been rolling beedi to eke out a living. Samshuddin too earns for the family by removing the husk of areca nuts during his free time.

He said, "My grandfather late Palasthadka Soofi Beary was known for cultivating varieties of mango. His mango plantation was known among people. I am planning to continue his interest in farming. If I get suitable guidance from experts, I will cultivate more."

"I had heard about my grand father's achievement from my grandmother. It is an effort to save the plantation in my backyard amid by academic activities," he added.