'Indifferent' MLAs pose challenge for Cong in Ballari

'Indifferent' MLAs pose challenge for Cong in Ballari

Vijayanagara MLA Anand Singh

Even as Bharatiya Janata Party is struggling hard to find a "strong" candidate for taking on V S Ugrappa, the sitting MP from Ballari constituency, the difference of opinion among Congress MLAs in the constituency is proving to be a major hurdle for the Grand Old Party.

Ugrappa is the candidate of Congress-JD(S) coalition. Ballari used to be a bastion of the BJP. However, in the 2018 Assembly elections, B Nagendra, Anand Singh and G N Ganesh of the Congress won the from Bellary Rural, Vijayanagara and Kampli constituencies. Both Nagendra and Anand Singh had hopped to Congress from BJP before the Assembly polls. The party struggled to ensure the victory of Ganesh.

Congress established itself firmly in the erstwhile mining district after Ugrappa emerged victorious in the recent byelection to the Lok Sabha constituency. The three MLAs had actively involved themselves in the campaign with the fond hope of getting a ministerial berth in the Congress-JD(S) coalition government.

However, the stance of these three MLAs is proving to be a challenge for the Congress. Ganesh had remained indifferent since the formation of the government. There are neither any activities in his constituency. The situation took a turn for the worst with Ganesh being lodged in jail in connection with alleged assault on Anand Singh at Eagleton Resort. Singh too is not seen in public life due to ill health. Nagendra has been making an occasional appearance.

Though this is an internal matter of the Congress, the 'disenchantment' among the MLAs is casting an effect on the apaign for the Lok Sabha elections. There has been no frenzied activities in the Congress campaign days after declaration of the polls.