Karnataka: Rainfall brings respite in Kolar district

Karnataka: Rainfall brings respite in Kolar district

A two-wheeler rider finds it difficult to ride on KEB double road in Kolar on Saturday.

Heavy rains in parts of the district on Saturday brought some respite to farming community.

It began raining around 3 pm and lasted for over half an hour. The rains brought some relief from sweltering heat for the last few days.

Kolar, Bangarpet and KGF taluks received good rains creating hopes among mango growers. In the remaining taluks in the district, it drizzled for a while.

At some places, heavy winds partially damaged the mango trees.

In Kolar, rain water flowed on roads. People had to take shelter under buildings for a while.

Low-lying areas were inundated for sometime. Road users had tough time in using railway under bring as rain water had accumulated.

The rains did not wreak havoc.