Bison spotted in Bidaralli

Bison spotted in Bidaralli

The bison that was spotted in Bidarahalli gram panchayat limits in Mudigere on Thursday.

A bison surprised the people by making an appearance on the highway in Bidaralli Gram Panchayat limits in Mudigere taluk on Thursday morning.

The bison, which came out of the plantain farm belonging to the College of Horticulture, Mudigere, at around 9 am, crossed the National Highway 234 and walked on the roadside for more than half a kilometre.

Startled by the sudden presence of the bison, drivers stopped their vehicles and even captured the video of the animal on their mobile phones from a safe distance.

As the curious people started gathering around, the bison sneaked into the Chowlikere coffee estate. While passing by, the people bound for Dharmasthala and coastal regions were happy to have the rare sight of a bison.

Farmers in the area said that bisons have been making their way into the coffee plantations in Bidarahalli, Kenjige, Halekote, Lokavalli and nearby areas to feed on the bananas and jackfruit. Coffee plants are been crushed under their feet when they move about in herds, the farmers added.