Bullet tanker overturns on national highway

Bullet tanker overturns on national highway

An LPG tanker overturned at Adkathabail in Kasargod.

An LPG bullet tanker traveling from Mangaluru to Coimbatore overturned on the national highway near Adkathabail on Wednesday morning.

Although there were no casualties, the fuel was found leaking from the tanker. The police, who rushed to the spot, immediately cordoned the highway for traffic movement. They also summoned the Fire and Emergency Services staff to ensure that there would be no accidental fire.

As a result, the movement of vehicles on the highway stretch remained suspended till evening. All vehicles from Mangaluru to Kasargod were diverted on the Kumble-Seethangoli-Vidyanagara stretch to reach the highway. Vehicles from Kannur were diverted to the Vidyanagara-Uliyathadka-Chowki stretch.

HPCL personnel too rushed to the spot and emptied the LPG from the tanker to three other tankers.