Car festival in Karnangeri on May 7

Car festival in Karnangeri on May 7

The annual fair and the car festival will be held at Sri Rajarajeshwari Temple in Karnangeri on May 7.

Addressing reporters here on Monday, temple Dharmadarshi Govindaswamy said that the fair will begin with ‘Venkataramana Hari Seve’ at 6.30 pm on May 6.

The ‘Dhwajarohana’ hoisting of the temple flag will be held at 6 am on May 7, followed by Ganapathy Homa, ablution to the presiding deity and the car festival.

The devotees will take part in ‘Urulu Seve’ and ‘Kukumarchane’ along with having a glimpse of the deity, Sri Rajarajeshwari. Cultural programmes will be held on the occasion, he said. 

Temple devotee Chummi Devaiah said that the temple trust has been carrying out various social activities.

He meanwhile urged the district administration to repair the road as many devotees will be attending the temple fair.

Devotees Harish and Baleyada Kishan Poovaiah were present in the press meet.