Flood victims demand permanent rehabilitation

Flood victims demand permanent rehabilitation

Villagers search the rubble of the damaged houses at Malemane in Chikkamagaluru district.

Hundreds of families who have lost their houses and farmland in the flood are in distress. A majority of the affected are staying at relief centres and are struggling to rebuild their lives. 

The affected families from Malemane, Madhugundi, Durgadahalli villages are provided shelter in relief centres. They are hoping for the fulfilment of the promise by the state government and district administration. 

Fearing landslides, the residents in Madhugundi are shifting cattle to their relatives' houses. Pet dogs are crying alone in the deserted houses.

"The flood took away our lives. We are struggling to rebuild our lives. The government should respond to our woes immediately. The state government should release funds to construct new houses," said numerous flood victims. 

Sunkasale PDO Padmaraj said, "Seven houses in Madhugundi, three in Durgadahalli, two in Balige and three houses at Bilagali have been damaged completely. A list has been prepared to shift the inmates of the houses to safer areas. A few houses at Halagadaka, Madhugundi and Durgadahalli are facing the threat of collapse." 

Jaavali GP PDO Jokim said, "Six houses in Malemane have been damaged completely and a few houses in the surroundings are facing the threat of collapse." 

Balooru PDO Vishwanath said, "Two houses have been damaged completely and 23 houses have developed cracks. As many as 41 houses are facing threat from landslides in Balooru GP limits."