Gas leak from tanker creates tension near Uppinangady

Gas leak from tanker creates tension near Uppinangady

Gas leaking from a tanker at Karvel near Uppinangady on NH 75 on Monday morning.

Tension prevailed at Karvel near Uppinangady on Monday morning after gas from tanker on the NH 75 leaked while the tanker was plying towards Bengaluru.

The valve of the tanker opened suddenly and gas started leaking. On noticing the leakage, local resident Mohammed Sharief went to the mosque and alerted the people by announcing in the public address system.

An announcement was also made on the safety measures, including not to light gas stoves or burn firewood for cooking inside houses. The residents were also asked to shift to safer areas.

All the vehicles on the national highway were diverted from Karvel Shanthinagara to Puttur.

The police personnel rushed to the spot. The leakage was plugged by the quick response team after one and a half hours and later, the tanker moved to Bengaluru.

The residents took the officials from fire service and emergency personnel to task for not arriving on time.

Fire service officer Sundar said, “We received information at 8.46 am. Although we left immediately, there was block on the Karvel Shanthinagara road. As a result, we were delayed by only 10 minutes.”