Herpetologist dispels myths surrounding snakes

Herpetologist dispels myths surrounding snakes

Well-known herpetologist Dr Ravindranath Aithal highlights special features of snakes to Eshapriya Swami of Admar Mutt and Vidyadeesha swamiji of Palimar Mutt at a programme organised in Rajanagan in Udupi.

There will be an imbalance in ecology if the indiscriminate killing of snakes continues, well-known herpetologist Dr Ravindranath Aithal said.

He was speaking about snakes at an awareness programme organised by Udupi Jilla Brahman Parishat at Rajangan. Aithal said there are a lot of misconceptions about snakes. “Many of the snakes that are killed are in fact not venomous,” he stressed.

Public should be able to differentiate the venomous snakes from non-venomous ones. Public should also be aware about administering first aid to victims of snake bites.

He also dispelled myths about snakes having two separate hoods or two tongues. Snakes also do not have the energy to use their tails as a whip nor do the green snakes aim at the eyes of humans, he added.

Aithal also shared tips on how to protect oneself if bitten by a snake.

He also opposed the concreting of ‘Nagabhana’ as it was not environment friendly. Vidyadheesha Swami of Palimar Mutt, Eshapriya Swami of Admar Mutt, junior seer of Palimar mutt Vidyarajeshwara Swami among others were present.