Hundreds of fish found dead in M Kodihalli Kere

Hundreds of fish found dead in M Kodihalli Kere

A view of M Kodihalli Kere in Kadur.

Hundreds of fish were found dead in M Kodihalli Kere lake, Kadur taluk. The farmers have suspected poisoning of the water body. Many farmers used water from the lake to irrigate their several areas of farmland.

A person had taken the contract to rear fish in the lake.

"For the last few days, Silver Katla fish were seen floating dead on the banks of the lake. It is suspected that additional food offered by the man to increase the yield would have caused the death of the fish," said farmers.

Due to the death of fishes in the lake, there is an unbearable foul smell in the area. Even many cattle depended on this water, to quench thirst.

The villagers have urged the fisheries department officials to visit the spot and verify the reason for the mass death of the fish in the lake.

"The increase in water level in the lake has increased the groundwater table in the region. If the lake water is polluted, then it will pollute even the water in wells and borewells in the vicinity," said villagers of M Kodihalli and Machheri.