Injured lone tusker responding to treatment

Injured lone tusker responding to treatment

The wounded tusker which was rescued by Forest Department officials near Shanivarasanthe recently.

The lone tusker which was rescued by the Forest Department last week at Kaduhadi in Banavara Reserve Forest near Shanivarasanthe is responding to the treatment.

The 30-year-old male pachyderm had a grievous wound on one of its hind legs and the animal was wailing with pain.

After he was rescued with the help of tamed elephants, a team of veterinary doctors led by Nagarahole Rajiv Gandhi National Sanctuary Veterinary officer Dr Mujid started treating the elephant from April 3.

Though the elephant is responding to the treatment, it is taking longer than expected for the wound to heal. Injections are being administered along with smearing turmeric and neem juice on the wound.

As he is a wild elephant, he has been tied to a tree with a chain and the chain has been irritating the tusker. The animal is still undergoing a lot of pain.

Lots of people are thronging the region to see the elephant, which is making the tusker confused and it is wailing louder when people are around. The villagers feel pity for the poor animal.

However, the veterinarians have continued the use of traditional medicine to heal the wound as there is a good improvement. Worms from the wound have also been removed.

The elephant is able to slowly place its wounded leg on the ground.

Madikeri DCF Manjunath said that there is an improvement from the last two days in the health of the elephant and the treatment will be continued.