Road work: Kakkabbe residents warn of staging protests

Road work: Kakkabbe residents warn of staging protests

Representative image. Credit: iStock.

Urging the authorities to repair Kakkabbe main road, the villagers of Kakkabbe have warned of staging severe protests if the authorities failed to act.

The villagers and the devotees visiting Padi Sri Iggutappa Temple are facing inconveniences as the asphalt on the road has been chipped off. 

Villager Udiyanda Suran Nanaiah said that the local administration and the elected representatives did not care even though the road was in a bad condition from the past two and a half years.

The road closer to Padi Iggutappa Temple has been concretised. But, around a 700- meter-stretch on the main road was dug and left as it is, he said. 

“Villagers from Naladi and Ayyangeri have been using the very road to go to the temple and about 400 to 500 vehicles commute on the road on a daily basis. During the rainy season, the road turns into a marshy field, while during the summer there are clouds of dust, posing hurdles to the vehicles and pedestrians,” said Nanaiah.

He lamented that the department concerned and the district administration has turned a blind eye even though a memorandum has been submitted. He alleged irregularities in the funds reserved for the road work.

The villagers have urged the officials to take initiatives towards repairing the road and also to increase the width of the bridge in the region.

If no favourable response is received within a week, a protest will be held by blocking the road, said the villagers.