‘Taiga’, the dog, survives Thora landslide

‘Taiga’, the dog, survives Thora landslide

Taiga, the dog.

A woman and her daughter were buried alive under the massive landslide at Thora village. However, their pet dog ‘Taiga’, who miraculously escaped from the landslide, is now the talk of the town.

On August 9, villager Parameshwar’s wife Mamatha and daughter Likhitha were buried under the landslide. However, Parameshwar and his son Darshan somehow survived the landslide. Hours later, ‘Taiga’ was rescued by the fire and emergency services personnel.

When the search for the others trapped under the debris was on, the rescue personnel found the dog hiding in an almirah. Surrounded by slush, he was scared. The rescue personnel managed to reach out to him and extricate him from the debris.

Finding himself in safe hands, Taiga wagged his tail and expressed joy. The people fed him bread and washed him clean at the Keerthi stream. Now, he has been given shelter at the relief centre at nearby Kedamulluru.

Meanwhile, the efforts are to trace the bodies of those who went missing following the landslide at Thora. The bodies of four among the ten people who were trapped under the debris have been recovered so far and there is no clue about the remaining six people.

The intermittent rain is affecting the search operations. The entire area was filled with slush. An earthmover was stuck in the marshy area on Thursday.