This temporary bridge literally bridges all faiths

This temporary bridge literally bridges all faiths

People cross the temporary bridge made of boats to reach Rahmania Dargah Masjid Shariff at Adyar-Kannur on Sunday. DH PHOTO

At a time when harmony is disrupted due to various reasons in Dakshina Kannada district, the Urs of Rahmania Dargah Masjid Shariff also called Nadupalli, located on a Kudru (island) in River Nethravathi at Adyar-Kannur on NH 75, symbolised communal harmony between different faiths on Sunday.

The Urs was held on Saturday and Sunday.

It brings together people from all religions. The dargah committee, to facilitate the devotees to attend the Urs, has been involved in building a temporary bridge using boats to connect the island to the mainland for the last five years.

The boats that are used for building the temporary bridge belongs to people from all the religions.

They provide their boats to erect the temporary bridge to connect the island Dargah, said an organiser.

The Urs has a history of over 400 years. In the past, boats belonging to the people from all faiths were ferrying devotees to the Dargah to attend the Urs.

As the number of devotees attending the Urs increased, and women devotees were not supposed to be touched by men when they embarked and disembarked the boat, the building of a temporary bridge using the boats was conceptualised.

The bridge is built by tying the boats together (by their sides) and by placing wooden planks on them. The temporary bridge helps people to cross the river without any problem, said Mohammed Sali, a local resident.

‘’The boats used for sand extraction in River Nethravathi are also used for building the temporary bridge. As the day of Urs nears, the boats are tied to form the temporary bridge. Those who extract sand, stop their activity and extend their help. At least 100 boats are required to build the temporary bridge. After the Urs concludes, all the boats are returned to the respective owners,’’ Sali added.

“The question of religion does not arise while building the temporary bridge. Whatever happens in different parts of the district, we live in harmony like brothers. People from all faiths take part in the Urs and offer prayers. We want this harmony to be continued forever,’’ he added.

Earlier, the Urs was held during daylight only as crossing the river was not safe after the sunset. After the temporary bridge was constructed, the Urs is held till 8 pm.

Local residents said that the dargah was known for granting wishes of local residents and farmers. The locals have been demanding a bridge to connect the island for the last several years but has not been fulfilled so far.

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