Trees poisoned to extend coffee plantation area

Trees poisoned to extend coffee plantation area

Trees poisoned by miscreants have totally dried up.

In a heartless act by miscreants in Napoklu, around 50 acres of land has been reduced to a plain ground after trees were poisoned to kill them slowly.

Huge trees are being mercilessly killed in a heinous manner by administering poison to the trees, with a vested interest of creating coffee plantations here in Napoklu.

Because of the poison, the green trees gradually dry up and die a slow death. Even though the act is clearly evident, the Forest Department has turned a blind eye to it.

Villagers of Parangala said that hundreds of useful and valuable trees are being brutally killed in a bid to extend coffee plantations. Without chopping the trees directly, they are made to die a slow death. The miscreants cut out a small portion from the trunk of the tree to create a gap. Toxic chemicals are sprinkled in this gap, which carries poison to all parts of the tree and the tree eventually dries up.

Some local residents are hand in glove with the miscreants in carrying out the brutal task which has resulted in huge scale deforestation.

The villagers have urged the deputy commissioner to intervene and act against the miscreants. The increase in deforestation has resulted in an increase in the wild elephant menace.