Wooden logs worth Rs 1 cr seized in Virajpet

Wooden logs worth Rs 1 cr seized in Virajpet

Tree logs being transported covered with the sacks of sawdust in Nalkeri Badaga of Virajpet taluk.

District police and Forest Department officials have seized wooden logs worth Rs 1 crore in Nalkeri Badaga village of Virajpet taluk on Sunday.

Three persons have been arrested in this regard. Also, the vehicles used to transport the logs illegally have been seized.

Kallachanda Noban from Palleri village, lorry driver Rajendra from Nalkeri village and labourer Ayyappa are the arrested.

Two lorries, a jeep, a car and a crane have been seized.

As many as 288 logs of valuable trees were being transported in a lorry by covering the logs with sacs containing sawdust. The incident came to light during a check of the vehicles at Gonikoppa.

Logs of teak and jack trees were found near the house of Noban.

Superintendent of Police Dr Suman D Pennekar said that further legal action will be initiated against the arrested.