‘Yashaswi spices’ now on wheels

‘Yashaswi spices’ now on wheels

A model of the mobile shop for 'Yashaswi' products.

The 'Yashaswi' enterprise initiated under 'Project Coorg' programme of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has been quite successful, and from Sunday, the Yashaswi brand spices will be marketed on wheels.

The scheme was started to provide support to women victims from Kaluru village in Kodagu, who were affected by flash-floods and landslides.

Project Coorg Head Balaji Kashyap said that a well-equipped van has been sponsored by the Kodava Koota based in North America, exclusively for the sale of spices. The mobile spices shop will move across Kodagu district.

The spices prepared and packed by the victims are being marketed at the stalls in Raja Seat premises and the Child Welfare Committee in Madikeri, as well. Apart from spices, there are coffee and honey under the same brand name.