Mob violence: Ex gratia scheme for victims

Mob violence: Ex gratia scheme for victims

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The Karnataka government on Monday told the Supreme Court it was preparing a scheme to provide compensation to the victims of the incidents of lynching and mob violence.

In an affidavit, the state government submitted before the top court that necessary action was also being taken to designate particular courts for trying cases pertaining to lynching and mob violence.

“The state would take immediate action for compliance of the order of July 17 by the court. Further affidavit would be filed as and when the victim compensation scheme under Section 375(A) of the CrPC is framed by the state government and when the particular courts are designated for trying lynching and mob violence cases,” it said.

The state government further informed the top court that the judgement passed on July 17 has been communicated to the DG and IGP, who in turn, has issued a circular dated September 3, appointing high-ranking police officers as nodal and assistant nodal officers. “They have been instructed to set up special task force so as to procure intelligence reports about the people who are likely to commit such crimes and involved in spreading hate speeches, provocative statement and fake news,” the circular stated.

Making it clear that the state would make all endeavours to comply with the SC’s judgement, the state government said instructions have been issued to the police officers to remain “extra-cautious”, increase patrolling, identify the existence of tendencies of vigilantism and take steps to prohibit dissemination of offensive materials through different social media platforms.

“Wherever it is found that a police officer or an officer of the district administration has failed, it would be considered as an act of deliberate negligence or misconduct, for which appropriate action would be taken that would be not limited to departmental action only,” the affidavit said.