AHV challenges Mahesh to present his ‘buyer’

AHV challenges Mahesh to present his ‘buyer’

A H Vishwanath

Disqualified MLA of Hunsur A H Vishwanath challenged his bitter critic Sa Ra Mahesh, MLA of KR Nagar, to arrive at Sri Chamundeshwari temple atop the Chamundi Hill, to prove his allegation that the former was ‘sold’.

Addressing a media conference here on Tuesday, he said that he will be waiting for Mahesh of the JD(S) at the temple from 9 am. “If Mahesh claims that I was ‘sold’ for Rs 25 crore, there should be somebody who have ‘bought’ me. So, let him bring my ‘buyer’ and prove that I am ‘sold’. I will also lodge complaints with the Police department, the Income Tax department and the Goods and Services Tax department, about this. Let them probe the source of income of my ‘buyer’,” Vishwanath said.

In response to the criticism against his proposal for the creation of D Devaraja Urs district, with Hunsur as district headquarters and old taluks of Periyapatna, KR Nagar and HD Kote and new taluks of Sargur and Saligrama, he said that it is only a proposal before the people and not before either Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa or the state government, as projected by a section of the media.

“I have been putting forth this proposal, before the people, since one year. I have been preparing Hunsur town to qualify for a district headquarters. I got the divisional office of KSRTC established in Hunsur. Similarly, we already have the circle office of Cesc. The DDPI’s office is allotted and we are looking for a site for its building. I am also preparing the people for the new district,” Vishwanath said.

In response to Mahesh’s comment that people of neither KR Nagar nor Saligrama will join the new district and also to the statement of ex-MLA H P Manjunath on his ‘love’ for Mysuru, Vishwanath said that it is the people who have to decide. “Mahesh is not the owner of KR Nagar and Saligrama,” he said.