No uniform for PU students: dept

No uniform for PU students: dept

The Department of Pre University Education has said no PU college in the state is allowed to make uniforms mandatory for students and warned of action against the college managements which violate the rule.

Following complaints against several unaided PU colleges, which have introduced uniforms for students and adding to the financial burden of parents, the department has issued a circular asking the colleges not to introduce uniforms at PU level.

Going a step ahead, the department has even warned of initiating action against colleges that violate the rule. This is also mentioned in the Admission Guidelines issued by the department for 2019-20 academic year for which classes will begin from May 20.

The communication to the colleges reads, “Asking students to wear uniform at Pre-university level is illegal and any college found violating the same should be ready to face action.”

Interestingly, several private unaided colleges introduced uniforms several years ago. CMR Pre-university College in Bengaluru introduced uniforms for its PU students 20 years ago and till date, the same is being followed.

The college authorities said, “Our students are wearing uniforms for the last 20 years and they are very happy too.”

The college managements, which have introduced the uniforms, questioned the direction by the department. “When the students and parents are happy with it, what is the need for the department to interfere? Moreover, it is not a policy decision for officials to interfere,” said a management representative of another PU college which has made the uniforms mandatory for students. The department officials, however, said the circular has been issued following complaints from students and parents.

“Some parents and students raised complaints saying that uniforms have become an additional financial burden for them. As some colleges charge up to Rs 7,000 for uniforms, it is necessary to put an end to it,” an official explained.