Inconsolable Pratap Simha remembers Ananth Kumar

Inconsolable Pratap Simha remembers Ananth Kumar

Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha couldn't control himself while recalling his association with Ananth Kumar. Simha inconsolable and tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke to reporters.

"He was with me in the last Parliamentary session. He won't be with me for the next session. I am unable to believe this," the MP remarked.

"Ananth Kumar had completely backed me when I spoke about floods in Kodagu in the Parliament. I had prepared my speech based on his advice. The Speaker interrupted me four minutes after I began speaking, but Ananth Kumar stood up and requested the Speaker to extend the time for the first time MP. I spoke about 13 minutes. After the speech, he hugged me and appreciated my speech," Simha recalled.

The MP said that he often discussed projects related to Mysuru-Kodagu with Kumar.

"He would directly speak to ministers concerned and get the works done for me. He was instrumental in commissioning the 10-lane highway between Mysuru and Bengaluru and Passport Seva Kendra for Mysuru. He played a crucial role in solving problems of the airport in Mysuru. He was a bridge between Karnataka and Central governments," he said.

"As a Civil Aviation Minister, he played a significant role in commissioning the international airport in Bengaluru. He accelerated the pace of the Rs 17,000 crore sub-urban rail project which will be announced next month. He was concerned much about public health, but God wasn't worried about Kumar's health," the MP said.

"He was behind the Modi government in the constitution of Cauvery Management Board," Simha added.

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