Protest to demand dubbing in Kannada

Protest to demand dubbing in Kannada

Stepping up the protest against the imposition of non-Kannada languages, Banavasi Balaga and other like minded organisations are set to stage a protest on Sunday against ‘vested interests’ in the entertainment industry who have prevented dubbing of films from other states and countries.

The protest is part of the group’s demand for access to knowledge and entertainment in Kannada for the people of the state. The members of the Balaga have led several online campaigns against ‘vested interests’ who have enforced an undeclared ban on dubbing for films to Kannada. The protest will be held at 11.30 am at Freedom Park.

Previously, some leaders of the Kannada film industry had said that dubbing will hit Kannada movies and thereby affect thousands of people who work in the sector. In response, G Anand of the Balaga has written a booklet noting that demand for dubbing does not mean demand for ban on ‘remake’ of movies made in other languages. He also underscored that the practice of dubbing in other states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh has not led to fall in the number of films made in respective languages.

However, the pro-Kannada groups have argued that the forceful ban on dubbing is  undemocratic and denied Kannadigas their right. “It is nothing but a mockery of democracy that a handful of people are controlling the freedom of choice of crores of Kannadigas,” the Balaga said in a statement.

The group had previously led a campaign against “imposition of Hindi” in Namma Metro, leading to the removal of the language from signages and boards.