‘Punyatma’ Rahul has given me power, says HDK

‘Punyatma’ Rahul has given me power, says HDK

Days after his remarks that he was at the “mercy” of the Congress and not the people of Karnataka, Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy on Wednesday described AICC chief Rahul Gandhi as a ‘Punyatma’ (good soul).

“Even though I don’t have the blessings of people, ‘Punyatma Rahul Gandhi, placing trust in me, has given me the power. We have got a good opportunity. I will do it (farm loan waiver). He will not oppose, I will convince him. Taking him (Rahul) into confidence, I will have to come to a decision,” Kumaraswamy said, as he tried to pacify farmers during his meeting with farmers’ organisations regarding loan waiver.

“You (farmers) have a golden opportunity, utilise it and stand with us. When election comes, vote for whomever you want....but utilise this opportunity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kumaraswamy said he was always concerned about farmers and even flew in economy class to save money to the exchequer.

“Politicians in Karnataka are used to flying in special flights and helicopters. I once got a bill of Rs 14 lakh for a short chopper trip to Bagalkot. This way, it will cost me lakhs for trips as chief minister. But I have started travelling by economy class to save money. I flew economy class during my recent trip to Delhi,” he said.

The meeting had its share of chaotic moments. A large section of farmers demanded a complete crop loan waiver. They said that the administration had come to a standstill and Kumaraswamy was more busy holding talks with Congress rather than taking up welfare issues of farmers.

Kumaraswamy had to intervene several times to maintain order. “Keep your politics aside. I am very much concerned about your welfare,” he told the farmers.
The chief minister said he had called the meeting to get first- hand information about their problems and also receive suggestions.