Records given for MCI may be fake: Nursing Council

Records given for MCI may be fake: Nursing Council

The allegation of submitting fake documents to the Medical Council of India (MCI) in an attempt to trick them into believing that the staff count criterion was met could perhaps be true in several nursing colleges in the state.

A set of certificates reportedly submitted at the time of inspection conducted by the MCI, copies of which are with DH, were forged according to the Karnataka State Nursing Council. The Council officials maintained that the documents did not tally with records in the Council’s register.

The Karnataka State Nursing Council has found that the documents, submitted by a whistleblower as certificates that colleges got away with at the time of inspection, were forged.

This came to light after the photocopies of these documents were tallied with the documents available with the nursing council.

The whistleblower had said that private nursing colleges had submitted documents of several candidates who were not qualified to work as nurses at the time of inspection.

Medical and nursing colleges ought to provide to the MCI a report on the number of staff working at hospitals attached to them and furnish copies of certificates of such candidates.

Srikanth, registrar, Karnataka State Nursing Council, said that a committee had been constituted to look into this after the Medical Education department sought a report.

“We have found that details such as register number, year of exam and names of candidates do not tally with our records. This leaves us with another question. We only have the photocopy of the documents,” he said.