Sait recuperating; reconstruction of severed ear fails

Sait recuperating; reconstruction of severed ear fails

Tanveer Sait

A surgery that was performed on MLA Tanveer Sait to attach a portion of the earlobe that was severed during a recent attack on him, has failed, according to the doctors treating Sait.

Addressing reporters here on Thursday, Dr Upendra Shenoy of Columbia Asia Hospital said, as the colour of the ear turned black after the operation, another surgery had to be performed to remove the affected portion. A plastic surgery will be performed soon, he said.

As Sait sustained severe injuries on his neck portion, he finds it difficult to speak and there is a slight change in the voice. However, there are possibilities of it returning to normalcy after a few weeks, said Dr Dattatri.

Sait would be shifted to the ward and has to stay in the hospital for one more week. He needs complete rest. His other parameters are normal, Dattatri said.