Soaring heat no reason to stop tourist flow to Mysuru

Soaring heat no reason to stop tourist flow to Mysuru

Soaring heat no reason to stop tourist flow to Mysuru

Despite mercury level hovering between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius, the city of palaces is continuing to attract hordes of tourists.

The months of March and April witnessed extreme weather this year. Interestingly, in April, there was a surge in number of visitors to various tourist spots here.

What is note worthy is that, during summer, the number of foreign tourists to Amba Vilas Palace has exceeded by 201, as per the statistics available on the website of Mysore Palace Board. In April, 2016, 3,862 foreigners visited the palace against 3,661 during the same month period last year.

Vandana Srikanth, who came from Bengaluru to visit the palace, explained that since summer vacation was the one time in a year to take children out, extreme weather condition was no reason to change plans.

“The temperature has almost crossed its average across the state. So, it does not make much difference,” she said, though she found Mysuru a little hotter compared to Bengaluru.

Another visitor to Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, (Mysuru Zoo) B Y Amarnath from Shivamogga, said that compared to his native town, the temperature was less in Mysuru. “I felt a little cool inside the zoo. I am not feeling much heat here,” said Amarnath.

According to authorities, unlike outside, there is a conducive atmosphere in the zoo with sprinklers regularly watering parks characterised by abundant green cover.

Palace Board Deputy Director T S Subramanya claimed that the board has made special arrangements for visitors to beat summer heat. There are plans to provide umbrellas and bicycles to visitors to tour palace premises.

Zoo authorities claimed that despite extreme summer, people were visiting the zoo in large numbers.

As educational institutions remain closed for summer, tourist flow is high compared to other months.