State rejected Centre's proposal on Bandipur: Shankar

State rejected Centre's proposal on Bandipur: Shankar

Forest Minister Shankar. DH file photo.

Forest Minister Shankar on Friday said that the government had rejected a proposal by the Union government to revoke the ban on night traffic on NH 212 cutting through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

The Minister was speaking to reporters at Government Guest House here in Mysuru.

"The state government hasn't accepted the Union government's proposal and the ban on the NH will continue," he said.

"There is an alternative route via Thitimati and Kutta and the government has developed the road at RS 75 lakh," he added.

"There is pressure on State as well as Union governments from Kerala government to lift the ban but it will have adverse affect on the Forest and animals. The elevated highway project takes about three years and it will affect wildlife," he said.

"The state about has 21% forest cover and the government is working to increase it upto 33%. The government has earmarked Rs 10 crore for seed ball programme," he added.
Shankar said that elephant trench and railway fencing would be developed to control elephants entering human habitat.