Pollution unabated, yellow flows the Vrushbhavathi

Pollution unabated, yellow flows the Vrushbhavathi

Yellow-coloured water in River Vrushabhavathi near Kumbalagod in Ramangara district on Monday. DH Photo

A day after “Save Vrusbhavathi campaign” in Bengaluru, the water in the river, one of the lifelines of Ramanagar district, turned dark yellow on Monday, raising fears of further contamination.

The people living in the vicinity of the river were worried as the river resembled a thick sheet of yellow liquid. A large number of dyeing units and refineries which operate at Anchepalya and Kumbalgod industrial area on the outskirts of Bengaluru, discharge effluents into the river. The water usually turns black due to such discharge. However, local people said that it was for the first time that the colour of the water had turned yellow.

The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has mandated these industries not to discharge effluents into the river. But, according to local people, the industries stock the poisonous effluents in huge tankers and pits and discharge them into the river during rains. The ‘river’ will be in full-flow during rains and hence the industries are the under the impression that they could conceal their act.

“I am residing in this area for the past 32 years. This is the first time that the water in the river has turned yellow. A foul smell is also emnating from the water and asthama patients are finding it very difficult to breathe. We have lodged complaint with the Environment officers several times but to no avail,” said the Mathaaji of Basava Gangothri Ashrama in Kumbalgod.

Manu Reddy, another resident, alleged that huge quantity of pollutants had been released into the river. However, Ramanagar district environment officer Siddaramaiah said that no industry in the district was discharging effluent into the river.

Vrushabhaavathi joins River Arkavathi near Harobele in Kanakapur taluk. Both these rivers merge with River Cauvery near Sangama in Kanakapur taluk and flow towards Tamil Nadu.