VTU executive council members oppose appointments

They have opposed the move, saying it was done without their consent.

According to the VTU Act and Statutes, the appointment of a chairman for the BOS should be made by the executive council.

In the letter accessed by DH, executive council member Sanjeev Kubakaddi, in a mail to Vice Chancellor Karisidappa on June 23,
said the move shows his vested interest in appointing the chairmen of five boards - Electronics, Computer Science and Information Science, Mechanical, Architecture and Civil.

The letter highlighted that though the fact that the terms of the existing chairmen were coming to an end had been brought to the notice
of the Vice-Chancellor well in advance and was requested to forward new names, these appointments were surprising.

A few council members have asked the Vice-Chancellor to abide by the VTU Acts and Statutes.

The letter by Sanjeev also asked the VC to cancel the appointments with immediate effect and table the names for discussion in the forthcoming meeting.

“Ten to 12 executive council members have raised objections to the appointments,” Veershetty Mange, another executive council member, told DH.

VC Karisidappa defended the move and said that he had followed in the footsteps of previous VCs.

“The VC has the authority to appoint chairmen for BOS under emergency situations like academic requirements, under VTU Acts and Statutes 14(6).

“Looks like a few members are not aware of it. I selected the names and sent them to the governor, who has given his assent. This will be brought up in the upcoming meeting. If EC members still have an issue, they can raise objections,” Karisidappa said.

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