Tungabhadra recedes, gate snag keeps Munirabad on edge

Tungabhadra recedes, gate snag keeps Munirabad on edge

Pampavana in Munirabad is submerged in the flooding waters of Tungabhadra river.

Inordinate delay in fixing the sluice gate of Tungabhadra Left Bank Low-level Canal has swelled the water level in the distribution canals as fear of inundation grips the residents of Munirabad and surrounding villages.

Huge quantum of water flowed into the canal after the sluice gate of the TB Left Bank canal developed a snag on Tuesday.

Unregulated outflow inundated Pampavana, spread over 65 acres at the dam site, damaging the medicinal and decorative plants and the lawn.

Four days after the sluice gate developed snag, the dam authorities are still struggling to fix the problem. The authorities have stopped water release to the canal, leaving the farmers on the TB Left Bank in a fix.

Now, the residents of the villages and the town on the banks of Tungabhadra river can breathe easy as the outflow from the TB dam has come down drastically. The outflow on Friday stood at 1.5 lakh cusec.

Earlier, this week, several historical sites like Hampi, Nava Brindavana were inundated after the dam authorities let more than 2 lakh cusec into downstream following the heavy inflows. Most of the Hampi ruins, including the 64 pillared-mantap which houses Sri Krishnadevaraya samadhi, Purandara Mantap, Vijaya Vittala temple, were flooded. Also, several bridges were inundated, affecting the traffic in the region. And not to mention the Virupapura Gaddi flooding.

Chikka Jantakal-Kampli bridge has been made off-limits for traffic after the destructive force of water eroded wearing coat and damaged rile gates of the bridge.

The flash flood has caused untold hardships for the farmers. Several farmers in Siddapur circle of Karatagi taluk have lost their pump sets installed on the banks. Over 50 acres of paddy crop at Ayodhya, Devghat and surrounding villages were lost in the flood.

Now, the river is back to its serene and peaceful ways. The dam is full to the brim, but there is no water in the canal and for farmlands.

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