Crocodile enters Karnataka's Dandeli village

Crocodile enters Karnataka's Dandeli village

Crocodile that entered the village. Credit: Special Arrangement

People of a village in Karnataka had a surprise visitor on Thursday--an crocodile on spotted roaming around-, giving them a scare before being caught by forest officials.

The crocodile had come out of Kali river and entered Kogilabana village under Dandeli, forest officials said.

As the crocodile creeped along the bylanes of the village, frightened people alerted the forest officials who rushed to the spot.

After removing it safely, the officials released it back into the river.

They said the creature did no harm to anyone so long as it was in the midst of a human settlement.

According to the officials, the river has a sizable number of crocodiles.

Keeping that in mind, a crocodile park has been set up in Dandeli.