A response to the times we live in

A response to the times we live in

All you wanted to know about self care.

self care

The culture of self care seems to have emerged as a reaction to the times we live in. As a 2019 Deloitte survey on millennial attitudes across the globe points out, less than a quarter (22 per cent) of millennials surveyed across the globe said they had any expectations of improvement in the social and political climate in their countries in the next year. The study also highlights another troubling aspect of our times — anxiety related to social media. At least 60 per cent of those surveyed acknowledged they would be happier if they reduced time spent on social media. The study surveyed over 16,000 millennials and Gen-Zers worldwide. Gen-Zers surveyed in the report were those born between 1995 and 2002, and millennials surveyed were born between 1983-1994.

African-American writer Audre Lorde’s famous quote is often cited in self care conversations: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

'Love yourself' podcasts

*The Alternative Story Podcasts on SoundCloud (thealternativestory.in): The organisation, with offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, also has a #PayWhatYouWant concept to make counselling accessible for those who can’t afford high costs. The podcasts talk about a range of mental health issues, from self compassion to anxiety and mindfulness.

* Marbles Lost and Found: Hosted by Zain Calcuttawalla and Avanti Malhotra (https://ivmpodcasts.com/marbles-lost-and-found), it talks about a gamut of mental health topics from dealing with grief to eating disorders, self-worth to caregiving.

*This Podcast is Self Care: Hosted by comedians Cait Raft and Drew Spears (https://thispodcastisselfcare.libsyn.com/), this is where they chat up different guests on a range of topics from manicures and pedicures to bullet journaling and running.

Insta help

Self care has almost become synonymous with Instagram. From face masks and smoothies to pop advice and affirmations, it’s all happening out there. Here are some handles that cover the gamut of what has come to be known as self care.

@sighswoon: When self care meets memes — this handle, run by Gabi Abrão, an LA-based artist
is insightful and intelligent, while also focusing on self care for everyone.

@makedaisychains: Hannah Daisy is an artist and mental health advocate whose account is full of illustrations and zines.

@thefabstory: This handle of the Fabulous app helps with productivity and healthy, everyday rituals.

@thejessicadore: Jessica Dore is hugely popular on Twitter for her tarot-based mental health conversations. On Instagram too, she regularly posts cards that speak to everyone, on the workings of the mind.

@brenebrown: The research professor famous for her talks on vulnerability, authenticity and shame, uses her handle to create engagement over self care and acceptance.

Take Five

* Headspace: Focus on your breathing and meditate with the app, which offers many guided meditation sessions.
* Calm: The name says it all; the app teaches you to lower anxiety and stress.
* Flipd: This app locks you out of the smartphone for a specified period.
* Aloe Bud: This app for iOS reminds you to eat, drink water and reach out to friends.
* Habitify: An app that helps you track your habits with timely reminders.


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