A touch of flamenco

A touch of flamenco

Pep up your Sunday with this guitar-sitar fusion

Band members of Indialucia

A flamenco guitar does not conjure up Spain for me. Nope. It brings to mind R D Burman. We are those whose imaginations are shaped (restricted?) by Bollywood songs. Think ‘Badan pe Sitare’ and a shimmery Shammi (though I am not really sure if the Spanish guitar was used in this number or it was one of RD’s many quirky musical inventions). In fact, RD’s penchant for castanets and flamenco guitars was evident even in ‘Matwali Ankhowale’ from his first big break movie, Mehmood’s Chhote Nawab. Do check this 1961 song out if you want to feel instantly zesty. But, we are, as always, digressing.

Why we are talking flamenco guitars is because I stumbled upon a fusion band ‘Indialucia’ on YouTube. Spearheaded by Miguel Czachowski, a renowned flamenco guitarist from Poland, this quartet manages to blend elements of Indian and flamenco music with a bit of jazz, flute, piano and percussion thrown in. Especially recommended is the track ‘rumba Raag n’ Ole’ that begins without preamble and instantly plunges you into bonfire nights, autumn soirees and the warmth of genuine companionship. 

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