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Consider these titles

Empire of sand 
Tasha Suri 
Hachette, 2019, pp 432, Rs 399
Born to parents who come from two classes of 
contrast ­— the rulers and the outcasts or nomads — Mehr is caught between cultures. Caught one 
night for performing ‘forbidden’ rites, she is 
brought to the court’s mystics, who try to force her into arranged marraige...     

Everything is fucked
Mark Manson 
Harper Collins, 2019, pp 273, Rs 499
Called the ‘book of hope’, the author turns his 
gaze to the endless calamities taking place in 
the world around us. Drawing from the pool of 
psychological research on these topics, as well 
as the timeless wisdom of philosophers, he dissects religion and politics.

Summoner: The Outcast
Taran Matharu
Hachette, 2019, pp 407, Rs 399
In the fourth book of the Summoner series, Arcturus is just an orphaned stable boy when he accidentally summons a demon. As Hominum’s first common summoner, he becomes the key to a secret that the powerful nobility would do anything to keep hidden. 

Please Think
Narendra Dabholkar, translated by Jai Vipar
Westland, 2019, pp 143, Rs 299
How does one cultivate a scientific temper?
The author was a gaint of the rationalist and 
the anti-superstition movement in India. He 
wrote in Marathi about fighting blind faith. This work uses stories from the movement to shed light on the need to fight religious superstitions now. 

Destiny’s Flowers 
Kajoli Khanna
Roli Books, 2019, pp 280, Rs 350
In this criss-cross of a story, the lives of an art 
restorer, a Buddhist nun and an unsung hero 
of a slum take us on a mystery, unravelling a
journey through monasteries, slums and fairy-tale fort, and even through a class clash in a Bengal household.   

The Secret Life of Organizations
Shalini Lal & Pradnya Parasher 
Hachette, 2019, pp 216, Rs 299
The two HR professionals hope to convey what 
universities don’t teach — the key unwritten rule of career success: how doing well in your workplace 
is as much about knowing how your organisation functions as it is about understanding your job and yourself. 

The Billionaire’s Funeral
Elijah Brahms 
Harper Collins, 2019, pp 258, Rs 299
Someone’s out there to get billionaire investor Chad Cohen. He is at a London restaurant when all his credit cards are declined. Before he can make sense of any of it, he receives a disturbing message — he’s being accused of travelling on a stolen passport!

Alpha Girls 
Julian Guthrie
Hachette, 2019, pp 289, Rs 599
This is an unforgettable story of four women who, through grit and ingenuity, became stars in the 
cutthroat, high-stakes, male dominated world of 
venture capital in Silicon Valley, and helped build some of the foremost companies of our time. 

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