Boys just wanna have fun!

Boys just wanna have fun!

The Diesel Brothers on why customisation is king

Diesel Brothers

Monster trucks, cast-off buses, crazy stunt driving, and a whole lot of fun in ‘the sweet-smelling world of diesel’. Heavy D and Diesel are back with the new season of their hit TV show Diesel Brothers on Discovery Channel. They are all set to get the adrenaline rushing for auto enthusiasts. Excerpts from an interaction:

Did you expect the show to become such a hit?

Heavy D (HD): When we first started making this show, I didn’t expect it to be as big a hit as it is today. We are just a bunch of regular Joes, who tinker around decent trucks, doing what we love, pulling pranks…

Diesel Dave (DD): I knew that it was gonna take off because I know a lot of people who love trucks as much as we do. I love customising trucks because I love watching a build come together.

What about customisation excites you?

HD: We come up with these crazy ideas inside our head and try making it a reality. We put our ideas into metal and vehicle fabrication. We get to push the limits all the time — it is fun.

DD: Customisation is a way of letting your personality be portrayed through your creation and I think that’s why we like it so much. We encourage everyone through our show to create their own customisation. Let their truck become the showcase of their personality. That’s fun, but at the same time, a challenge. 

Is it tricky mixing friendship with work?

HD: I would rather work alongside my friends than people I don’t like. Because it’s less like work and more like joy. It makes you a happier person and it makes business more successful.

DD: Mixing friendship with work is never tricky if everybody’s there to have a good time. And we watch out for and take care of each other.