For the ultimate voyager

For the ultimate voyager

Here are some travel tips for the unstoppable globetrotter...

Booking early ensures that you get to pick your first choice in travel dates, location & homestay easily.

Whether you travel to de-stress, need long solitary breaks to break out your next bestseller, or are just looking for your next big adventure, travelling needs as much planning as it does spontaneity. In order to ensure you are navigating on the right path, here are some handy tips for you to consider:

Outline your travel

Take some time to assess why you want to travel in the first place. Knowing your reasons will ensure you pick the right destination. For instance, if you are looking to get away from the city’s hustle-bustle, booking yourself to a weekend in a big city might not be an ideal choice, instead you can consider a drive to destinations that are tucked away at a little distance from the city, but will provide you with the quiet solitude that you seek. If adventure is on the cards, map out destinations and compare what’s on offer in order to ensure that you get your adrenaline fix without burning a hole in your pocket.

Take the road less travelled

While most travellers like to make a bee-line for the already popular travel hot-spot destinations, there are many emerging or under-discovered locations that can be simply far more fascinating and rewarding. Popular destinations don’t come cheap and getting your money’s worth when travelling to them is only possible if you spend a considerable amount of time there. Fortunately, with the rapidly evolving travel landscape, there are many non-traditional vacation solutions for those with an insatiable travel appetite. Not only do these options open you up to discovering exciting new locations, but you also garner new experiences and thrills in a lesser time and expense.

Stretch your money

Lavish holidays can stretch your budget, putting a dent in your travel calendar. Instead, opt for travel options that not only give you a sense of luxury but don’t cost you a fortune by choosing lesser-discovered places, and don’t compromise on quality or experience. Many drives to destinations can give you the much-needed luxurious break and are rich with quality service, saving you flight and visa costs, giving you an unmatched experience.

The early bird catches the best bargain

Increased demands closer to desirable vacation dates will pump prices up, so the earlier you book, the better deals you will get. Regardless of the kind of holiday you want, booking early ensures that you get to pick your first choice in travel dates, location & homestay easily, setting this vacation on the right foot from the get-go! Having a vacation planned ahead allows you time to gather some cheerful holiday inspiration by researching the surrounding areas, places to eat and activities to do when there. 

Every time you travel, you unlock an opportunity to discover not only a new place but also a new part of yourself. Keeping these few tips handy can help you make the most of your time on your next outing and ensure that your break is truly a memorable one.