Paresh's signature style

Paresh's signature style

A good rule of thumb to follow when travelling is to only pack what you’ll need, Paresh Lamba tells A Varsha Rao

Paresh Lamba
Paresh Lamba


I recently travelled to London and had a great time there. 

Spending good quality time with people has to be, by far, the best experience of my trip. Whenever I make a trip to London, I make it a point to dine at some of London’s top restaurants.

I do feel clothing and food have a lot in common. Food, much like fashion, is dramatic, dynamic, and presentation is key. Walking through Savile Row, Bond Street and Oxford street is something I love to do.

Favourite destination

My favourite travel destination is Paris. Walking along Des Rues of Paris is always an invigorating experience. It, in a sense is, extremely calming.

I love sitting at the Laduree, situated on Champs-Elysees, on a sunny Parisian afternoon. Local bistros are always a treat.


Clothing essentials

While travelling for work, my clothing essentials are mainly luxe tweed, faux leather jackets for layering.

Turtleneck shirts are something I always carry.

Woollen trousers and suits are always essential while travelling. I love layered fashion when I am travelling. Scarves and pocket squares are something that I always add to give it that edge.

A good rule of thumb to follow when travelling is to only pack what you’ll need.

When it comes to shoes, I carry three to four pairs. Brogues and oxfords are always something that I do not miss while travelling on work. Boots are also my favourites.

Little things

Be it a business trip or a vacation, I never forget my sunglasses, passport folder, and credit cards, of course.