Lawyer blocks JNU gate for 'justice'

Lawyer blocks JNU gate for 'justice'

A Supreme Court lawyer dramatically parked his car right in front of the JNU main gate on Tuesday, demanding immediate arrest of Umar Khalid and others facing sedition charges.

The lawyer Rajesh Sharma blocked the entrance gate for over two hours. Around 3 pm his chauffeur driven Innova car stopped at the Jawaharlal Nehru University gate. He refused to budge even though security personnel directed him to remove the car.

He told Delhi police that he will clear the entrance only after the arrest of all the five accused involved in “anti-national activities” on the campus.

Delhi police officials present at the gate informed their superiors about the lawyer’s refusal to leave.  At around 5.15 pm, a senior police officer apprised the lawyer about the development in the High Court over phone. He told him that a plea by Khalid and other accused was being heard by the court. Sharma said that he was told that the hearing will continue on Wednesday.

Removes car
Satisfied with the developments in Delhi HC, the lawyer agreed to remove his car. “The Constitution has granted fundamental rights to all the citizens, but no one likes talking about the fundamental duties,” Sharma said.
“As a citizen of this country it is my fundamental duty to help the law enforcement agencies in arresting anti-national people who are facing sedition charges. By blocking the main entrance I helped the police,” he said.

At around 5.30 pm, the lawyer’s car steered clear of the JNU gate. Ever since the February 9 event commemorating the hanging of Afzal Guru triggered a row, the JNU gate has become a hub for some protesters.

Occasionally, protesters land up with the tricolour to protest against the “anti-national slogans” raised during the controversial event. Security was beefed up at the gate after five accused in the case resurfaced on the JNU campus on Sunday evening.