No AAP caps in the House, say BJP members

After the oath-taking in the Assembly on Wednesday, BJP leaders objected to the use of Gandhi caps carrying slogans by AAP party legislators in the House alleging that it violated the rules.

Senior legislator Jagdish Mukhi accused Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party legislators of violating rules of the Legislative Assembly in its first sitting by wearing caps with slogans written on them.

“There is no problem with wearing a plain Gandhi cap but a cap with a slogan written on it is not permitted under the rules,” said Mukhi, pointing to Rule 261(o) and 261(q) of Legislative Assembly Of National Capital Territory Of Delhi Rules of procedure and conduct of business.

The rules to be observed by Assembly members are listed in Chapter XXI of the rules of procedure and conduct of business. Rule 261(o) says that while the House is sitting, a member shall not wear or display badges of any kind in the House.

Rule 261(q) says that during a House sitting, a legislator shall not display flags, emblems or any exhibits in the House.

Mukhi said their party did not want to disturb the House on the first day of the session so the issue was not voiced. “It is for the ruling AAP to follow the rules and avoid any disturbance in the Assembly,” he said.

The BJP leader also said pro-tem Speaker Mateen Ahmad should look into the matter and take an action.

BJP leader Vijay Jolly said as per Assembly rules, no one is allowed to wear or display badges of any kind in the House.

“Wearing the AAP cap with party slogan is against the rules,” Jolly, a former legislator told reporters.

Sources in the Assembly Secretariat said it was a debatable issue as the rules were not very clear whether something written on a cap violates the rules.

“There seems to be some grey area. Caps with words which do not amount to offensive message should not really cause any problems,” said a senior official.

“If some MLAs object to the use of such caps then the one using the cap should agree to co-operate,” said the official.

AAP leader and candidate for the speaker’s post, M S Dhir, said the opposition parties can allege what they want. “We will check the rules and only then decide what is the correct,” said the Jangpura legislator.

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