Weekend in Wayanad

Weekend in Wayanad

scenic break

The day was bright and sunny and we were on our way to Wayanad for a weekend getaway. Being just a five-hour-drive from Bangalore, we could not have wished for a better destination.

The drive itself was very calming. Broad roads with hardly any traffic. The fun part of the journey was our drive through the Bandipur National Park. With our eyes and ears wide open, we looked through the thick forest to spot wildlife, and we weren’t disappointed. Herds of deer and elephants were seen grazing in the forest while monkeys gaily jumped from one tree to another.

We even caught a glimpse of a bear, though only for a few seconds. Our joy knew no bounds. A perfect start to our weekend in Wayanad, we felt.

Cool, crisp air, greenery till our eyes could see, tall trees, hills all around...we did not need any further indicators. We were in Wayanad. I was in for a pleasant surprise as my knowledge of Wayanad was limited to its famed tea gardens, and now I was face to face with huge expanses of coffee estates too.

Driving around Wayanad was a pleasure words can hardly express, for, everything about the place was magical. In fact, we learnt that the place was earlier known as Mayakshetra, which finally evolved into Mayanad, and ultimately, Wayanad.

There are many places to visit in Wayanad, that is, if you want to do things ‘touristy’. Chembra Peak, Meenmutty Falls, Neelimala View Point, Edakkal Caves, Kanthanpara Falls...the list can go on. Going by personal experience, the best way to have a relaxed holiday in Wayanad is to just drive around, find a quiet place in the middle of nowhere and have a silent commune with nature.

The views are spectacular, calming frayed nerves and working almost as a balm on tired souls. The highlight of Wayanad, apart from its scenic beauty, is the privacy it affords to each of its visitors. Yes, one can lose oneself easily among the tall trees here. Wayanad sure is a pleasure that can only be experienced.