Pregnancy smartphone app records kicks, baby bump growth

Good news for moms-to-be, instead of just feeling your baby’s first kick in the womb, you can now record it - digitally!

A new smartphone app for pregnant mothers that records first kicks, first contractions and even first heartbeats of their unborn babies has been developed.

The app creates a kind of digital scrapbook, storing memories that parents can hold onto forever.

WebMD Pregnancy app, named after the health information giant that created it, includes creative diagrams of what the foetus looks like and what it’s doing at different points throughout the pregnancy, New York Daily News reported.

“The app offers physician-reviewed pregnancy information and customisable features that change week by week for each user based on her due date,” WebMD stated on the app’s download page.

“Interactive, personalised tools include symptom trackers, appointment reminders, a shareable ‘Baby Belly Slideshow’ and a contraction timer,” the site added.

A “Kick Counter” allows expecting parents to keep track of their baby’s movements, and another feature times contractions.

The ‘Baby Belly Slideshow’ component allows users to watch the growth of their baby bumps as a progression.

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