FMCG industry needs right push from govt: iD Fresh Food

FMCG industry needs right push from govt: iD Fresh Food

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By PC Musthafa

"I would like to see a budget that gives due importance to the organic food sector. According to an ASSOCHAM-EY joint report, the Indian organic packaged food market is expected to grow from INR 533 million in 2016 to over INR 871 million by 2021. The government needs to create an ecosystem that helps enterprises to tap into the immense growth opportunities in this sector.

For more Indians to go organic, it’s essential to have a dedicated budget allocation for converting conventional farmers to organic farmers. We need smart schemes that promote natural and organic farming. Once farmers see the value addition in growing organic foods, efforts to raise awareness about its myriad benefits to human and environmental health will start bearing fruit - beyond select urban pockets. It helps Indians eat healthy and stay healthy.

Similarly, the government needs to incentivise companies to embrace sustainability. One major incentive could be to wave off GST for a short period of time for products with plastic-free packaging. This will help businesses to come up with innovative solutions and alternative technologies to reduce their environmental footprint. Whether it’s replacing single-use plastic with eco-friendly materials or packaging solutions that focus on recycling, the FMCG industry needs the right push from the government to herald a green tomorrow."

PC Musthafa, co-Founder and CEO, iD Fresh Food