'Budget should be oriented at opportunity creation'

Budget 2021 | Budget should be oriented towards opportunity creation, says Jindal Mechno Bricks Director

Lakshay Jindal. Credit: Jindal Mechno Bricks.

By Lakshay Jindal,

The budget of India should always be focused to raising the standards of living for its citizens. This can only happen by raising the income level of its citizen.

The 2021 budget is extremely important for India as the GDP showed negative growth for the past few quarters. A decline in GDP for a developing country like India, means several lakhs of people would be pushed back to poverty and large number of industries would be disrupted.

This year’s budget should be oriented towards opportunity creation. For industries, the focus should be towards building an ecosystem for it by building appropriate infrastructure, equipping research labs, setting up testing labs, regulatory bodies, subsidising loans and taxes.

For individuals, the focus should be towards skilling of the workforce by setting up training institutes and providing incentives to join. Being in the midst of a pandemic, the budget should also have considerable amount reserved for improving the public health system.

(The author is Director and CMO, Jindal Mechno Bricks)