2 sandalwood trees smuggled in 15 days

2 sandalwood trees smuggled in 15 days

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Two sandalwood trees were stolen from the staff quarters at the Rail Wheel Factory in Yelahanka within a span of 15 days. 

Miscreants chopped down and carted away a sandalwood tree located near quarters number 442 on September 19. Another tree located near quarters number 524 was cut down and stolen on October 5, S S Reddy, senior section engineer at the RWF, stated in a complaint to the Yelahanka New Town police. According to Reddy, he noticed the theft only Tuesday as he was not in town. 

The theft becomes glaring given that the quarters have round-the-clock security. Thieves not only chopped down the trees but also smuggled them out in vehicles. 

Police have opened a case under the Karnataka Forest Act and are carrying out investigations.