A walk among birds, bees and trees

A walk among birds, bees and trees

In nature's lap

Members of the general public, especially children, spent the Sunday in nature as they walked along the Doddakallasandra Lake learning about birds, bees, trees and butterflies.

The volunteers from NTT DATA Service in association with ActionAid organised the lake walk to commemorate the World Nature Conservation Day. The objective was to create awareness among the residents about the different life forms that thrive in waterbodies.

As per ActionAid and NTT DATA survey, over 59 species -- 354 trees of 41 species and 37 butterfly species -- were identified along the lake so far.

Environmentalist Bhargavi S Rao, told children the brief history of Vrushabhavati and Arkavathi river valleys that existed in Bengaluru, how rapid development led to the disappearance of these rivers and how they have been reduced to sewage drains.

She suggested not to wear bright coloured clothes when residents are at the lake, as this frightens the birds. She insisted that local residents come forward in the efforts to conserve and protect the lake’s biodiversity.

ActionAid and NTT DATA have been working to salvage and nurture the lake’s biodiversity for the past 18 months. They have planted 200 saplings of 28 species. They are spreading awareness on water conservation, the importance of water bodies, introduction to birds and such. A biodiversity survey report, involving a study of birds, trees and butterflies, is to be submitted to the BBMP commissioner next week.