Baldwin schools have 10 days to fix textbook issue

Baldwin schools have 10 days to fix textbook issue

The Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has given 10 days to the management of Baldwin Group of Schools and parents to resolve the issues related to textbook distribution.

The commission was on Monday hearing the case relating to complaints where parents alleged the school had asked them to pay an exorbitant amount as textbook fee. It directed the school authorities to look into the issue.

The panel also directed the department of primary education to lodge a complaint against the school management in this regard. The department officials have already conducted an inquiry into the sale of textbooks. The panel had also sought to stop the sale of textbooks immediately.

According to rules, schools ought to display a list of textbooks that parents should buy for the academic year and leave it to parents to buy them from a vendor of their choice.

However, parents claimed the school did not give them a choice, but insisted them to buy books from a said vendor only.

The commission took note of this complaint during the hearing on Monday.

Parents have also been directed to approach the cybercrime police on complaints about breach of data privacy.