BBMP floats second tender to hire water tankers

BBMP floats second tender to hire water tankers

N Manjunath Prasad

The BBMP is trying to hire tankers to supply water to the parched areas of the city and will procure them from outside Bengaluru if local owners do not cooperate, the civic body's commissioner, N Manjunath Prasad, has said. 

The commissioner said tanker owners from the city had not shown interest in the first tender floated by the BBMP. The civic boy has been forced to call another tender which has a seven-day window for bids. 

"We had made it mandatory for tankers to have GPS-tracking devices to ensure there is no room for irregularities. EPS-coating is also mandatory to avoid the contamination of water. We can't lift these conditions," he said. 

He said tankers would be brought from outside Bengaluru if owners in the city did not participate in the process this time.