BBMP head office to turn zero-waste campus

BBMP head office to turn zero-waste campus

 Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun, BBMP Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad and others at a composter installed at the civic body's head office on Saturday.

Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun on Saturday launched a project to make the BBMP head office premises a zero-waste campus. 

“The garbage generated at the BBMP central office premises should be processed within the campus. This should set a great example for future zero-waste campuses in the city,” she said.

“Our garbage is our responsibility. The BBMP headquarters and council building including two other buildings, the garden, canteen and the road, generate 50 tonnes of raw waste daily. With two composters of 70-kg capacity, the waste is converted into manure,” the mayor said. 

A composter is installed at the temple in the head office premises to process the flower waste. Two composters have been installed to process dry foliage. 

There are about 134 sub-divisional BBMP offices in the city, where the wet waste is stored in green colour bins and the dry waste in blue bins. All toilets in the offices will have red bins to dump sanitary waste.

Gangambike also added that rag-pickers collect the dry waste from the campus and take it to collection centres.

“Solid waste management workers have already been trained to collect raw and dry waste.

“All office staff have been instructed to sort garbage. All the government offices would transform to zero-waste campuses after this practice becomes successful,” the mayor added.

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