BWSSB needs water safety plan

BWSSB needs water safety plan

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BWSSB retired Chief Engineer M N Thippeswamy said the government has a long way to go before developing a fool-proof system for supplying drinking water.

He said the agency should adopt a water safety plan involving regular and third-party evaluation of water quality besides rigorous monitoring process.

“There are more complications as we go into details. Over time, distribution networks develop problems as pipes break or develop cracks due to ageing. Older pipes also develop biofilms and particles which accumulate in the pipe will also get mixed with water. Breakage in the pipe allows for stormwater or sewage to mix with the drinking water and compromises the health of people in an entire area,” he noted.

He said lack of coordination between agencies needs to be fixed first to avoid the repetition of work and waste of time and expenditure.